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PRODUCTS PICTURE: SIZE 21-23 Inches with LED Bulb E27/ 4w (Warm white)

DIY & ECO Products Design : Thai bamboo fishing trap, hand woven by craftsmanship in our village, repurposed into a beautifully minimalist flexible bamboo pendant light.

Each flexible bamboo pendant light tells its our story and reflects its our culture to create a beautiful and unique collection of natural lightning to your wonderful home.

The basket is flexible and can achieve many shapes and positions - the oblong shape is the natural position/shape - the round shapes for example are achieved simply by compressing from each end, and tying the supplied string inside to pull tight as shown to then hold in desired position.


Flexible Bamboo Pendant Light Fishing traps are hand-woven from natural bamboo using techniques that are centuries old, we have to use our skill to make each item individually. Flexible Bamboo Pendant light is perfect to add sensation of an authentic and ethnic touch to your home.

DIY your own bamboo pendant light : The oblong is the default shape but you can easily compress it and turn it into a round shape - or other forms - using the strings that are attached inside the shade to hold the new shape.

The basket can be opened/closed like an accordion to get a variety of shapes and fixed into your desired position with string, from the long droplet style to a round circle.

Materials : 100% Natural Bamboo from Thailand

Color : Natural Color

Origin : Thailand

[ Approx. measurements OBLONG shape and ROUND shape ] Sizes may differ slightly as each is handmade. Approx. ranges are below.

>> Basket Only << without cable/lamp set, but we will include the natural string , bamboo sticks and the locking system.


>> Overall height : 50-55cm / 21-23"

>> Width : 35- 41 cm./ 14" - 16"

>> Top diameter : 7-8 cm./ 3"

>> Bottom diameter : 10- 11 cm. / 4"

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