Thailand has been using Thai cushions for generations. Although it comes in a variety of shapes, the most common one is the triangular one since it offers a great place to lay your head and back.

Mon Sam Lieung (Triangle Pillow) or Mon Thai (Thai Pillow), both of which are widely used in Thai culture, are other names for Thai Triangle Pillow. It can be utilized as low sitting at the dining table, a full-size day bed, or just as a peaceful addition to your house. It is lovely, cozy, and convenient to store.

Our covers are handwoven in a timeless, traditional Thai design making them a stunning addition to your home decor be it modern or traditional. They are all sewn with double seams which also makes them very hard wearing.

Filled with 100% eco-friendly, sustainable, kapok fiber grown and harvested in Thailand. It is a fraction of the weight of cotton, and as a non-toxic material, kapok will not cause any allergies, is odor free and won’t make you sweat.