SANDEE - Rattan Utensil Holder details

SANDEE - Rattan Utensil Holder details

SANDEE - Rattan Utensil Holder


DIY & ECO Products Design : Thai Rattan Utensil Holder design, hand woven by craftsmanship in our village, repurposed into a beautifully minimalist Rattan Utensil Holder for your home decoration or New Home warming Gift.

Each rattan wall decor tells its our story and reflects its our culture to create a beautiful and unique collection of natural wall decor to your wonderful home.

UNIQUE HOUSEWARMING GIFT - The beautiful woven Rattan Utensil Holder made it to an ideal housewarming gift or birthday gift for minimalist, natural lovers or those who love rustic home decor.


Rattan Utensil Holder for home decoration are hand-woven from natural rattan using techniques that are centuries old, we have to use our skill to make each item individually. Rattan Utensil Holder are perfect to add sensation of an authentic and ethnic touch to your home.

DIY your own rattan utensil holder : We have unique different designs for you to create your incredible home wear decorations by using our rattan utensil holder.

Materials : 100% Natural Rattan from Thailand

Color : Nature Color

Origin : Thailand

[ Approx. measurements Rattan Utensil Holder diameter ] Sizes may differ slightly as each is handmade. Approx. ranges are below.


Size A : 3 (H) x 3.5 (W) inch

Size B : 12 (H) x 10 (W)

[ H O W ∙ T O ∙ O R D E R ]


Choose the option with
• Your choice of set of 2 (You will get all of the items >> A- (1 piece) and B - (1 piece) )
Or single piece (Price show on drop down) if you like to mix and match with another design for your own unique wall decor .

** NOTE: Please, see the design of each items on product pictures.


>> As each piece is individually handmade there will be minor differences in size, shape and shade.

>> Rattan Wall Decor handwoven from Thailand. This design we put into wall decor using techniques that are centuries old to make your new wall decor even more gorgeous.

HAPPINESS GUARANTEE : You will love your new pendant light !!!!


Our Rattan Wall Decor are packed with love and care from Bangkok Thailand via tracked airmail your products will arrive to your doorstep in around 7-14 days standard airmail Worldwide or 3-5 days via Express.

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All our wall decor are handmade in local artisan workshops in the centre of our village in Thailand. This is a skilled craft passed down from generation to generation and reflects a time-honoured culture. Our small business was built from the ground up and provides an important source of income to local people. You can trust all our pieces are top quality, and hand-crafted by people who take pride in their work.

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