The artisans in our village have transformed Thai bamboo fishing traps into minimalist woven bamboo pendant lights. A beautiful and unique collection of natural lighting is created with our flexible bamboo pendant lights, which tell a story and reflect our culture. A bamboo pendant light creates a warm and cozy ambience in your home with its golden reflection. 
There is no doubt that bamboo pendant lights can make quite a fashion statement. There are many uses for pendant lights, and they are easy to install. In high-ceilinged rooms, they are especially effective. The renewable nature of bamboo is exceptional, especially when compared with the slow growth of trees such as redwoods. 
Even though your home is furnished and arranged perfectly, does it still feel a bit stale? In that case, consider the empty wall space in your home as a blank canvas for your imagination. Palm leaf hand fans wall decor are a great alternative to painting! Visit our bamboo wall decor range or read our handy guide on how to create a modern farmhouse wall decor wall